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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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he then got hit by another car. i don't know exactly how long of a time span he was out. >> the chp said when the plan was hit pi the other car, it
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sent him through the windshield. he was taken to the hospital. his condition is not being released. the san francisco occupy camp that was raided by police, katie is at the building where officers are standing watch preventing occupiers from reoccupying that area. >> we're keeping a close eye on the situation down here at market street. take a look behind me, you can see the federal reserve officers keeping an eye on the situation. it is quiet. we're going to take you out on the street as well. san francisco pd is making sure it stays this way this morning. it has been repeat lid cleared of occupy protesters, thaw they're vowing to reoccupy that space and police do not want that to happen. i want to show you video from overnight because there was an altercation between police and protesters, just a handful, and then the crowd grew to 30 and
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then that's when officers had bottles thrown at them. you can see the officers in riot gear. one protester said there had been run person taken into custody. we do know that protesters dispersed when those extra officers arrived. now, this follows the clearing of an encampment into wednesday night and thursday morning. that ended in 45 arrests. the situation as it stands now is quiet, but with protesters vowing to come back and police determined to keep this area clear. we're certainly keeping an eye on this situation. again, live look down market street, you can see a couple of police officers stationed there. you can see the fencing that remains up around the federal reserve building. things can change quickly. things staying quiet for now. ktvu news. a grocery store clerk is recovering after being assaulted during a robbery.
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two masked gunmen held up the clerk at grocery outlet in oakland last night. it happened at 9:00 just before closing. the store's security guard says the robbers ordered him to get on the ground and hit him in the head with the gun and left with the money. now, this comes two days after armed men robbed a safeway in san leandro. police detained a possible suspect in that case in oakland. time now is 4:33. morgan hill police are looking for a woman who let her 10-year- old daughter take the fall for a shoplifting scam. marci filled up a grocery cart and then went to get her car. they say she told her daughter to push the cart outside and wait for her. when store employees stopped the girl, she drove off, leaving the girl behind. police are looking for her on burglary charges and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the continentals of omega
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boys and girls club in vallejo is without their equipment this morning. thieves broke in and stole a number of computers and other items. it happened between 7:00 p.m. on wednesday and 7:30 yesterday morning. investigators say the suspects got in through a classroom window. also this morning, suspended san francisco sheriff returns to court for a probation progress report. he pled guilty in march to a misdemeanor account. he grabbed his wife's arm and bruised it last new year's eve. he was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to go a year of domestic violence counseling. next month the board of supervisors is going to vote on whether or not murk rimmy should keep his job.
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city leaders say all workers workers are making at least the city's minimum wage. bart is trying something new to protect riders from earthquakes. we'll tell you about a new warning system installed and why it's the first of its kind here in the united states. well, you should know that some 2,000 bicycle riders from around the world are expected to gather in san francisco tonight. they're marking the 20th 20th anniversary of the critical mass movement, the big bike ride take place of the last friday every month with hundreds of riders filling the streets of san francisco. critical mass riders say the popularity of bike riding has really grown in the last 20 years. >> i think we're going to see bicycles flooding the streets. it's going to be a much better city and more friendly and family friendly city. >> critical mass kicks off at 6:00 tonight. police say drivers, you should
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expect delays. 4:36 is the time. hopefully no big delays. >> drivers should expect delays. >> steve and i have actually been stopped at an intersection watching a lot of bikes go by. >> you should try and take transit today if you're working in that area of town. we'll keep you updated right here on ktvu news. normally we have this wide big shot where you can see up there for miles. right now we have to tilt the camera down and just show you cars driving but in the fog. do not use the high beams. they don't work in the fog very well. use the low beams or fog lights. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, things look good. on the drive san jose things look nice getting up to highway
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17. some fog out there. yesterday temperatures rocketed up about where they should be. it looks like today all the forecast models are a little cooler. there's a little stronger sea breeze, but there's fog on the coast. some of the fog is working its way inland and on the bay. it will be thick at times. temps will start to warm up saturday and sunday. it still doesn't look like we're going to get the northeast wind, but the coast will warm up. 40s and 50s, but there's a big difference here. 59 in antioch and 61 in livermore. yesterday at this time, it was about 8. so it picked up. yesterday they were calm. still low spinning out there, keeping that fog going. it better be behind this right there, but that's what the forecast models say. they're having a difficult time. it will be warm away from the coast, fog, sun, there's thick morning fog and the hazy
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sunshine inland. 60s to 90s. pacifica 90, believe it or not that's down 10. san jose 74. getting warmer on saturday. it looks sunny side up into especially next week. >> thank you, steve. under arrest, the charges facing the man believed to be behind the antimuslim video that sparked worldwide protest. >> and what scientists suspected for a long time, the stunning discovery on mars by the curiosity rover. >> traffic looks pretty good heading down to the 580 interchange. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. o'
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welcome back. time 4:42. after losing his job, a minneapolis man went on a killing rampage. he returned to the sign making business where he worked and opened fire. he shot eight people. four of them died three of them are recovering. the southern california man behind the antimuslim film is being held in protective custody this morning. this is video of 55-year-old nakoula basseley nakoula. he was taken into custody yesterday afternoon on suspicion of violating the term of his probation, which includes lying to investigators and using aliases. na cowl la will remain behind bars because he's considered a
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flight risk. secretary of state hillary clinton will host talks that include the union and the arab league. the talks do not include russia or iran. it's led to more than 30,000 deaths. the white house says president obama will call israeli prime minister netanyahu to follow up on their speeches. net drew a red line on a diagram of a bomb saying iran was close to completing the second stage of nuclear enrichment. the leader and president obama disagree on how to confront iran. some critics say president obama snubbed net by not -- netanyahu by not meeting with him in person. raising cash on the campaign trail. romney makes stops in boston
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where fundraisers are expected to combine $8 million. president obama will keep his campaign close to washington where he has three fundraising events scheduled over the weekend. both candidates will be preparing for the presidential debate in denver. 4:44, comedian roseanne barr is also running for president. she wants to legalize marijuana. >> government is not supposed to be run like a business. >> barr attended a forum on medical marijuana last nite. the former tv star is the peace and freedom party's presidential nominee, a role she takes seriously. >> i'm not doing it for publicity but my political views have ended my career, so it's not for publicity, that's for sure. >> now, barr told us here at ktvu that she smokes marijuana. she believes president obama broke a commitment to respect
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state laws allowing dispensaries. state and federal agents made a major marijuana bust. they hauled off about 150 marijuana plants from farmlands southeast of sacramento. old horse stables were converted into marijuana processing statements. they also found a meth lab hidden beneath the animal stalls. >> we believe they've been making here and converting it. >> agents seized about 10 pounds of crystal meth. they believe the raw product came from mexico. 11 fashionables were arrested this that -- nationals were arrested in that raid. they also found children they were taken into child protective custody. a woman was sexual assaulted a lalay -- vallejo. he threatened here with a gun
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before sexual assaulting her. he was arrested at his home right near the scene of the crime. bart has become the first transit agency to install an early warning system that can detect major earthquakes seconds before they happen. the system was developed with the help of scientists from u.s. berkeley. once an earthquake is detected, an alert is sent out to a computer to slow down the trains. it's to reduce derailments. a system like this has been used in japan where it's saved lives in earthquakes there. the oakland school board has reached an agreement with federal officials to reduce the number of suspensions among african-american students. officials say african-americans make up about 32% of the district's enroll. now, an investigation was launched this past spring when numbers showed that last year black students received 63% of
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all suspensions. california public universities will soon have to talk with students before they can raise tuition fees. that's because of a new bill signed by governor jerry brown. students will have to be consulted before they announce an increase in tuition. students would have to wait 90 days for those to take effect and they need to justify to students why those hikes are needed. it's now 4:47. the mars rover curiosity has confirmed what scientists expected for a long time. there are photos that confirm there was once water on mars. it looks like an ancient stream bed. one section appears to be gravel cemented together by water that ran freely. it was between ankle and hip deep. it ran about 3 feet per second
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billions of years ago. let's go to sal for traffic. >> we're doing pretty well. much better. don't you think? the world the right. let's go out and take a look at what we have. pretty foggy on the east shore. you can only see traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive through the area, but it's a little foggy here. it looks like it's getting better though. the morning commute does not look bad if you're driving on westbound bay bridge toll approach. the traffic is getting off to a good start at highway 17. 4:48. yesterday temperatures warmed up. a system moving into the north. you can see some of the cloud cover taking the edge off. that will drop temps. areas of fog continue on some of that very thick coastal bay and inland gets reducing visibility, but everything says warmup, not so much today. saturday and definitely sunday and monday, this time next
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week, we'll see temperatures drop right off. it's going to be a really roller coaster ride. 40s and 50s and 60s. west southwest 15. stronger delta breeze. we'll see if that picks up or falls apart. lows sitting out here, waiting and waiting for this system to go through. then high pressure shows signs of building in. it seems to be delayed every day. depending on the proximity to the coast, upper 80s to 90 degrees, 60s and 70s. not much has changed. getting warmer on saturday. then we kick it into higher gear on sunday, monday, tuesday. after tuesday, temperatures come down pretty fast, pam. >> thank you, steve. holiday mystery surrounding an actor that once started in a popular tv series. >> the boys in blue, they're out gunned.
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welcome back to the ktvu morning news. michael savage has won a legal battle with his employer. he says the host has now left the talk radio network. he's been fighting the network for two years to get out of a contract that did not allow him
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to switch employers. his attorney says that contract tied savage to talk radio network indefinitely. now he can work anywhere. an actor who died in hollywood after allegedly killing an elderly woman may have been on drugs. he murdered his 81-year-old land lay lady on wednesday. he then either fell or jumped to his death. he's known for sons of anarchy. johnny lewis was 28 years old. an oakland as player is irate that he has to leave the central valley town he loves. >> they said the only advice they could give me to protect myself was to take my grandmother and move. they said unless i'm shooting or they're shooting at me, they just don't come. >> during an antiviolence meeting in stockton, dallas braden had a heated exchange. recently he was assaulted in his car and his grandmother's home was ransacked. stockton police say they're
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short staffed. they listed stockton as the 10 10th most violent city in the u.s. last year. 4:53. facebook is launching a new service called gifts. it allows them to buy sunglasses and cupcakes for their friends. these are actual items. facebook users receive reminders about their friend's birthdays. now they can send a present. the gift giver pays with a credit card. so far there are 100 retailers participating, including starbucks and 1800 flowers. >> let's check in with sal. hopefully no big problems. >> we're starting off well. i think you will like what you see here. as we move out to some of these pictures, i want to show you traffic is moving along nicely. steve and i have been talk about the fog already. we may be the fog brothers today. traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving through. no major problems there. this is a look at the bay bridge. there's a little bit of fog
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that's making it tough to drive. i actually saw fog on the way in to the square area as well. and the morning commute is going to be okay on the freeway as you drive from heyward to fremont. >> we have a full tank of gas. >> and that was on last saturday, by the way. >> i know. it's very good. very good. all right. thank you, sir. >> we're if fog brothers today. it's getting foggy for some. there's a system moving into the north that will shave off a few degrees. the forecast models have been struggling. yesterday santa rosa was 90. san jose, 81. they do have fog. they did not have that yesterday. livermore. 88. 61 degrees. concord, dropping ten. that testimony system to -- that system to the north will
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affect them. the low out here, waiting for the high to build in. looks like it wants to start to on saturday. that will warm inland areas up. the coast, looks like the fog will burn off. cool for some, hot for others. 60s to 90s. if you're pi the coast, they're warm and nice. >> thank you, steve. great white sharks off the west coast are being considered for an endangered species list. according to research, there are only about 400 great whites left it's illegal to kill them, but an endangered listing will impose more restrictions to better protect the sharks. federal regulators will make the decision by june. residents can visit the sciences for free. it's through the end of
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october. people living in certain zip codes, there they are on your screen, they can enter for free this weekend. all you have to do is enter a photo id. time now is coming up on our 5:00 hour. bay area police searching for a mother on the run. how she allegedly used her daughter to commit crimes and how the child was then literally left holding the bag. also san francisco police in riot gear, we're taking you live out there this morning as they clash with protesters. officers are still on scene.
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what is our weather like for friday. >> depends on where you are. if you're inland on the coast, it's different. you can't get much cooler by the coast. anywhere from 60s to 70s. westbound 24, this traffic here looks good as you drive to the tunnel. no problems reported here between walnut creek and oakland. the san mateo bridge looks good over to peninsula. now to 5:00, let's go back to dave and pam. >> thank you. happening right now, san francisco police are standing guard over a downtown occupy camp. ktvu is live


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